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About Us

Founded in 2019, Unbaked is a small-batch jewelry & home decor brand that exists in the cusp of feel-good design and offbeat modernism.

Every piece is carefully handmade by Samriddhi Balasubramaniam in her home studio, keeping the core values of mindful & quality craftsmanship at the forefront

of every Unbaked design.

Each of our pieces are individually designed, shaped and detailed by hand from start to finish. We are inspired by a plethora of things, ranging from neutral minimalism to pop colours & abstract patterns (among others).  We intend for each person following our work to connect with what we're feeling and be able to relate to us always. 

Our products are contrarian to mass produced, fast fashion items. Unbaked pieces are wearable art & embody attention to detail. Each piece comes with its own personality, and that’s the way we intend it. 

Thank you for being here & supporting our small business, we hope you find something here as special as you are!

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