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  • All our processes are mindfully planned & executed with an effort to reduce our waste as much as possible.

  • Polymer clay is a 100% non-toxic PVC based medium that is extremely lightweight & flexible.

  • In order to curb our wastage & dead stock, most of our products listed here are made-to-order & polymer clay scraps are re-used to create new & unique designs.

  • Our packaging has been designed in collaboration with artist Medha Easwar and has been made using acid free paper and soy-based inks. Our shipping boxes can be reused as artwork for a special place in your home!

Product After-life : 

  • We recommend that you pass on your used Unbaked products to a friend, thrift store or even swap, as we strive to move  away from the use and throw treatment that mass produced accessories usually get.


It is our pleasure to share the following information with you :

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