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Fun, fresh and offbeat - that's what you'll find when you explore Unbaked's handmade jewelry. Ready to discover something special? Let's explore together!

Artwork by Medha Easwar


Offbeat polymer clay accessories handmade with tonnes of love, care and perfection for you to cherish. We hope to offer you something to truly connect with and treasure for a long time, while disconnecting from the use & throw  culture that fast fashion has ingrained in us.

We do not bind ourselves to a single kind of aesthetic or vibe (and neither should you have to) , and cruise through them depending on our mood.

 We like to think of ourselves as an aesthetically indecisive brand!

It truly brings us joy to have you on here, and we hope to make your

experience as unique as you are,

you beautiful person. 

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Fun Fact

Are you curious about the meaning behind the brand name "Unbaked" ?

Well, literally it means 'something left in a raw state' and we thought that was befitting for our

handmade products.

Ironically on the other hand, a key process that goes into making polymer clay accessories is baking, and a LOT of it.

So now you know!

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